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Shooter’s Sandwich: A Tex-Mex Odyssey


Shooter's Sandwich: Tex-Mex Style

I’ve been meaning to make this sandwich for some time, the constituent ingredient combinations and flavours ruminating in my mind. You see, I love the things that go into this recipe in their own right: Rib-Eye Steak (my favorite cut), Sauteed Mushrooms and good quality artisanal bread – none of these things should be trifled with in my book… ominously, for me, trifling, though in a savoury vein is, after a fashion, what one must do to create a Shooter’s Sandwich.

I had recently seen a nice Cayenne Pepper Rub & Lime Butter recipe for Ribeye’s on another website, tried it and enjoyed. The idea for the direction of my Shooter’s Sandwich was formulating. Once I had finally gotten myself organised to cook the dish up I found I was missing the Shallots (as recommended in the recipe linked earlier in the post). The decision was made, onions and garlic would replace the shallots and I would make a spicy BBQ Tex-Mex rub for the steaks.


Cayenne, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Olive Oil, Garlic, Beef Stock, Garlic, Tomato Puree, HP Sauce, Angostura & Worcestershire Sauce

So, in the picture above you can see almost all the ingredients I placed in a pestle and mortar to bash into my spicy, smokey Rib-Eye rub. They are all listed though the quantities will remain a secret… you can email me for the details. Before applying the rub I bashed my steaks out to about a 3/4 inch/1.5 cm thickness so that they would fill the loaf. Once the rub was applied I left the steak for about a half hour, drank some coffee, diced the rest of the produce and set about warming my griddle pan.


Slice, Dice & Spice

Drizzle & Sizzle

With the griddle pan deglazed with some red wine I set about sautéing my mushrooms, onions, garlic with chopped rosemary and thyme and some butter,  olive oil and the pan juices. Once cooked down to a satisfyingly tasty haché of tender mushrooms and sweet almost caramelised onions I layered up the bread with steak sandwiching mushrooms and a liberal slather of Mrs Balls Chutney on the lid of the loaf before wrapping it all with parchment and trussing it with string.

You’ll  need to sate your appetite somehow without eating this sandwich straight away. Like purchasing a handgun this shooter sandwich has a cool off period, the meaty extravaganza needs to be compressed for 24 hours under some weigh and left in a cool place… like a fridge or pantry, not a night club or fashion show. I used a couple of casserole pots to provide the “flavourising pressurifaction” but you could use whatever was to hand. This gestation period allows the bread to compact around the meat and mushrooms in a diamond like forming of tremendous taste.

Once this period of abstinence is over and the shakes of anticipation have subsided enough to for you to cut yourself a well deserved slice, I suggest you grab a nice cold beer or two and make sure you have some mates around to finish off this heroic snack in a oner –  waste not want not and all that.

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