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Schmmmokin’ Smoked Chicken

Tombuie Smoked Chicken, Mango & Avocado Salad

The Sunday after the night before… I have a load of images from the wedding yesterday and a lot to say about it but I’m enjoying watching the golf and finishing off the chicken we had smoked for the starter last night, ipso facto – I’m not going to get too in depth on the Wedding… today.

Just over the hill from Home farm, where we are based, is Hardiesmill Farm. Robin and Alison Tuke produce some very, VERY high quality Aberdeen Angus (just take a look at their website they are “weel kent”/well known as we say around here). They also have a great wee smoke house and produce some tasty smoked cheese and chicken as well as smoked beef… it all melts in the mouth, as you can tell I’m a fan of smoked foods.

So to the salad, I’ve just thrown together avocado, fresh mango and the titanic smoked chicken with some rocket, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. I’ve dressed the salad with some Balsamico Bianco, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Orange Zest. A good pinch of sea salt and ground pepper follows and I’m getting my Summer Sunday munch o’ lunch on.

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