CADE: Getting Grass-Fed cattle to major markets.

I’ve been posting a series of blogs and videos highlighting the difference between grass fed and grain fed mass produced cattle. Here in the UK it’s not so much of an issue but in the US the majority of cattle is grain fed. This unnatural grain feeding could be linked with the the findings of a recent Harvard University scientific study whose findings link over eating of red meat to cancer. In fact, the Soil Association goes on to say:

A recent and widely reported [1] study by the Harvard School of Medicine claims consumption of red meat is responsible for one in ten early deaths. While the Soil Association does not contest the findings of the study, we do question their relevance beyond the US due to the large differences in the way red meat, particularly beef, is produced and consumed in different parts of the world.

You can read the rest of the Soil associations rebuttal here. While perhaps placing too much emphasis on the grass feeding process may seem moot in the UK context; it is important to remain aware of where your meat comes from. To  hark back to a previous post on Hardiesmill Aberdeen Angus, you can quickly understand why the business model that CADE has developed is a pertinent  one for any farming region.


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