Grass fed cattle in Upstate New York

Yesterday I posted about our own local enthusiasts of grass fed cattle rearing. I have a few more posts to make about the supply of locally produced Beef and the economy attached to it. It’ll be an ongoing theme and a part of my blogging.  I’ll try and talk you all through the complexities of it as I go along.

The issue is something that family friend Clive Davidson, owner of the Champany Inn, Linlithgow has said some wise words about:

“There isn’t enough Aberdeen Angus in the fields to feed the amount of restaurants claiming to be serving it.

“Far too many people are putting Aberdeen Angus on the menu and serving up Brazilian beef on the table.”

This was in response to new measures being brought in to test the authenticity of beef. It’s important that produce should have provenance but one of the biggest challenges in getting high quality beef to local markets is the step inbetween farming and putting the beef in the hands of chefs, and home cooks. I’ve got another documentary to post which offers up an innovative solution which CADE (the Centre for Agricultural Development & Entrepreneurship, NY) has put into action. Admittedly the conditions and market are not quite the same in the Scottish Borders but certainly, if you’ll excuse the pun, it’s food for thought.


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