Events: A taste of how we do things

Setting up at the start of an event at one of our Stately Venues

I know that this is predominantly a food blog but I thought I should make a quick post relating what it’s like to be catered for by us. We do all manner of events from Product launches to Weddings and every other kind of shin-dig imaginable that requires good food, friendly staff and bottomless glasses of champagne!

Marquees can be dressed for any occasion

When clients get in touch with us we find it useful to have at least two face to face meetings. It’s important that we understand exactly what you want for your event, we want to help you create special memories for your guests. A large part of what can make an event unique is down to the food. We have access to fantastic local produce here in the South of Scotland. The other important factor in making an event special is the staff. Our smiling, friendly team are well informed on the food and drink they are serving and in the history of the buildings we work at, it’s the little details that make the difference.

Working in Private Homes needs a considerate touch

Discretion is a large part of our service, once you’ve selected the exact dishes you want to serve your guests and confirmed the wines for the party the last thing you want is a caterer or event manager pestering you when you should be celebrating with your friends. If you’ve forgotten something in the rush we won’t bother you with it, we’ll fix it.

Here’s a wee snippet of some good folks getting down at one of the weddings we recently did:

Enough of this shop talk though, you know we love your tummies and only want to supply you with the tastiest morsels served with a sense of fun!

I’ve been working on a couple of ideas and I’ll be blogging them shortly so keep your peepers peeled and your taste buds prepared.

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3 responses to “Events: A taste of how we do things

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  2. Wow, this looks amazing – I knew you did catering but I didn’t know it was so…fanceh! The marquee looks beautiful.

  3. Cheers Sasa – we get to do some fun stuff. Pretty unsociable hours but then work is kinda one long party!

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