Booze!: Brew Dog do it again.

Scottish based, independent brewers, Brew Dog have yet again come up with another ingenious beer/marketing idea. Not only have they produced arguably the strongest, highest ABV% beer on earth at 55% but for £500 a pop it’s also probably the most expensive. The Fraserburgh-based artisan beermakers, have named the special brew “The End of History”. They have only produced twelve bottles and each one comes covered in a stuffed animal. It brings a whole new slant on drinking high powered alcohol concealed in a container… perhaps out of the purchasing reach of park drunks but maybe inspired by the combination of woodland creatures and inebriation akin to some kind of Faustian Bacchanal.

Here’s a video explaining the concept in full:

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3 responses to “Booze!: Brew Dog do it again.

  1. Awww thats obscene 😦 poor wee fluffy’s!!! Although like the sound of 55% alcohol :p

  2. Are they real dead animals? Ewww.

  3. Hi Lynn, yes they are real dead animals though they have been made using hygienic taxidermy methods and are found road kill rather than hunted prey… so perhaps a macabre tribute rather than vulgar fur lining… still kinda creepy though.

    Miss Noble, thanks for your comment. I think the beer is supposed to be excellent and it’s great to have young talented brewers in Scotland going out there and creating world beating bevvie!

    Check out the video that explains the boys good work

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