Bread & Butter & MARMALADE

Breakfast is a meal I rarely miss and when I have the opportunity I like to give myself the chance to really enjoy it. From warming up my cafeteria to double grilling my bacon for an extra crispy rind, the small ceremonies that accompany certain food items are as relished and enjoyed as the eating itself.

Today I was eating my muesli and thinking about what I could write by way of a quick blog entry. I have a wedding to cater for this weekend and won’t get much of a chance to post anything again until Monday. My Mum has looked out all her old china as the Bride wants to have a vintage style tea party – she seems to have inherited a number of tea services over the years and has found just under 50 pieces – well done her! One thing she turned up was a set of coffee cups that I thought looked pretty cool so I’ve used them in the picture, they’re made by Susie Cooper (which means nothing to me) and it gave me a chance to put down some of the ingredients Mum, AKA Gill, uses in her Marmalade… as well as get the coffee from the pot to my mouth.

Mum’s marmalade is much darker and treacle like than others as she uses demarara sugar instead of granulated sugar. The chunky bittersweet concoction gives you a sugary boost first thing and once combined with a “hot cup o’ joe” the day is off to a flying start. I have another loaf from the Great Northumberland Bread Co so I’ve set about carving a few slices and liberally applying butter and marmalade.

My Grandfather used to pack the jars into his suit case when he was returning from visiting us here in Scotland. From Scotland to South Africa wrapped in socks and shirts, the great Marmalade smuggler of Johannesburg! It’s easy to see why he would source his breakfast toast topper from such a specific supplier though.

There seems to be a bit of a trend towards garnishing one’s food photos with thyme at the moment and seeing as it’s growing copiously in the Garden I thought I should join in, it does look pretty damn fine in flower, after all. I’m not about to eat it with my Marmalade however.


I’ve just tried some Marmalade with thyme sprinkled on it and it’s actually pretty damn tasty. I retract my former comments – make time for Thyme! I’ll be creating a new Marmalade recipe with respect to this discovery…

End of Edit

I’ll have to make a new batch of marmalade at the end of the summer, I’ll see if Gill will give me her recipe. I’ll try and share it here with you. If you’ve got this far through this post you deserve a treat, so here’s another food related song to put you in a good mood. Check out the Falsetto wailing the blond guy gives it. Legendary indeed.

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4 responses to “Bread & Butter & MARMALADE

  1. Justin,

    That marmalade does look epic – Would be very interested to see the recipe.

    Like the thyme garnish – I must have missed the boat on that one. Might have to bust it out some time.


  2. Hi Nick thanks for the comment. I will be blogging the recipe later on in August – not exactly marmalade season but it will get you ready for xmas at least.

    Keep popping by for updates 🙂

  3. Oh, that is the best kind of breakfast… had actually today bread with butter and orange marmalade in the morning 🙂

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