Mars Attacks – Salmon Saves.

Snacks are magical – we all know that. Having blogged about Caramacs and Cadburys and even arty cupcakes you’ll know that I have something of a sweet tooth. I’m not a fan of the Mars Bar per se, I do like the mini ones quite a lot though. I manage to pack away at least two a day whilst catering during the shoot season as they are very popular with the Guns (hunters) as they can easily pop them in their pockets after lunch as a takeaway snack from the bothy. My particular affinity with Mars Bars comes from the Mars bar crispie that we make and serve at our tea rooms. Everyone in the UK knows this treat. A favorite of tray-bake sales and church fetes the nation over. It’s a simple joy and one I salute for it’s honesty.

Confections are a part of the very fabric of our nation – not necessarily high brow epicure chocolates or complicated pastries but homely traybakes, cakes and loaves. It’s the improvised, hacked or bodged amalgams of sweet, crunchy and unctuous ingredients that find their way into our fridges and ovens that I want to celebrate today. It’s a form of masochism if you will, I’m living healthily right now. I’ve cut back on dairy and fat… I’m eating tofu… I need a MARS BAR.

I’m suffering from what one of my favorite food bloggers Sasa Sunakku would call Hangrr (frustration, anger, tetchiness brought on by hunger). I’ve been uploading pictures of this weekend’s dishes to facebook and as lunchtime approaches the combination of reviewing food images, thinking about blog posts and wondering what to have for lunch is all becoming too much.

…… some 5 minutes later……

I have some really great rustic bread from Northumberland, well Etal, just down the road from Kelso and some home smoked salmon I got from one of the Ghillies on the River Tweed. The salmon has a really deep smoke to it, much more rounded and deep in flavour than shop bought simulacrums. You can immediately see from the colour of it, this piece of fish has been handled properly, it’s sweet, not at all bitter or over done. I’m a lucky bugger to have this.  A quick look in the fridge has turned up some capers, hollandaise and creme fraiche and I know I have some dried dill, the makings of a healthy hunger buster are underway…

I quickly toast a couple of slices of bread, mix a loaded teaspoon of hollandaise with a loaded teaspoon of creme fraiche and give it a hefty pinch of dill. I spread, well, rather dollop the mixture on the toasted bread and layer the smoked salmon and capers on top. A grind of pepper cast across the snacky surface and I’m eating again, having photographed this snack for you and staved off some considerable irritation at the lack of Mars Bars in my life. YAAAAASSSSSSSS! I don’t know how many birds I’ve just killed with one stone but damn if I no longer want a Mars Bar, this Hangrrr has been remedied – need to find a song about smoked salmon now. Most. Schitzo. Food-blog. Ever.

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2 responses to “Mars Attacks – Salmon Saves.

  1. Wow, gorgeous pictures! You have a great blog!

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