A Summer Garden Party: The Art of Cup Cupcakes

We’re off to visit a new client today. They’ve just finished renovating an old Mansion House at the foot of the Cheviot Hills down here in the Borders. The lady of the house wants to hold a Garden Party for the topping off celebration and she’s asked us to provide the nosh. I thought this would provide me with an opportunity to mention the amazing cupcakes of Lyndsey Neil:

I went to Art School with Lyndsey back in the day and not only is she a very talented baker and sugar crafter but she is also a superlative painter of Still Lives. She very much views her cakes as art works and no two are the same – unless you ask for them to be. I think these unique cupcakes are perfect for making an event memorable, the only problem is they look so good it feels like a sin to eat them. I served them at one party and had to encourage the guests to tuck in. As they were reluctant I bid them to imagine themselves as Shiva the destroyer of Worlds clearing way for new creation… it didn’t go down too well.

It’s going to be quite a pleasant day all in all. I have a liquor licence to chase up, menu’s to change, SEO to check on, Banners for our Border Union Show stall to buy and a myriad of other tasks that need to take place to keep this wee catering business going… I’m really looking forward getting to go for a run into the hills for this site visit later.


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