A couple of my Favorites for Halftime

As half time in the World Cup football approaches and I try to decide what to eat I know I can rely on two websites for some inspiration and even a laugh

http://thisiswhyyourehuge.com/ is a work of genius. Some of the dishes featured are pure heart attack on a plate. It makes me regret having started the  a new health regime. As much as I love Ramen and other Asian foods the globbular marriage of molten cheese, fried meat and bread never fails to excite.

http://www.whatthefuckshouldimakefordinner.com is straight from the Gordon Ramsey school of kitchen charm but this wee abusive recipe randomiser links to some tasty goods. The recipes are mostly if not exclusively from epicurious so quality is of course gaurenteed,

OK – I’m off to nosh and pray Holland can get the win.


2 responses to “A couple of my Favorites for Halftime

  1. I love WTF as well, so funny (I’m juvenile) especially this: “I don’t fucking like this” and “I don’t fucking eat meat”

    • My wee bro and I swear indiscriminately, still. We basically play at having Tourettes syndrome when ever we’re bored at family do’s. It has gotten old in about 20 years 🙂

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