Chocolate: Serious Business

I was looking at the newspapers on the stand this Saturday and one headline stood out:

“Jewels of British industry at risk of falling into American hands”

Thoughts of Cadbury quickly came to mind and it’s not surprising that today the Independent should announce that Kraft have axed 75% of Cadbury’s management staff as the formerly British company becomes consumed into the multinational’s structure. My Muse sent me an article that was written at the time of the highly emotive take over. The Article by John Lanchester recognises the importance of chocolate in British society and he leads up to quote Roald Dahl excellently saying:

Other great British bars appeared in a burst of heroic creativity in the 1920s and 1930s: the Flake in 1920, Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut in 1928, Fry’s Crunchie in 1929, the Aero in 1935, then in 1937 no fewer than three masterpieces, the Rolo, the Kit Kat and Smarties. All British inventions. According to Roald Dahl: ‘In music, the equivalent would be the golden age of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. In painting, it was the equivalent of the Italian Renaissance and the advent of Impressionism at the end of the 19th century; in literature, Tolstoy, Balzac and Dickens.’ Cheap chocolate is one of the things that this country used to be very, very good at.

Whether I’m recalling the bars of Cadury’s Milk Chocolate that my Grandfather would hide under our pillows when my brother and I, as children, would visit for long weekends or the drunken lunatic fun of an undergraduate food fight using some quite fantastic and moorish brandy infused Chocolate mousse; I know that Chocolate has been at the centre of some truly magical and dear moments in my life.  I imagine it’s very much the same for each and everyone of us. If you have the time today why not pick up a bar at lunchtime and reminisce – taste all the richness and joy of what was once so sweet before the dilution of a British Icon renders the cocoa bitter once again.

I’ll try and post some Roald Dahl inspired Willy Wonka type foodie goodness later tonight – we mustn’t wallow, unless it’s as Confectionary Hippopotami in pools of crude chocolate.


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