Glass of wine?
Here’s an interesting article about the trend for Fine Dining restaurants embracing the old marketing tactic of BYO to stave off the worst of the recession. Here’s a small excerpt:

Jennifer Cowan-Savio of the London Fine Dining Group, whose restaurants Aubergine and L’Oranger have signed up, said: “Everybody is watching the pockets at the moment, but we don’t like to think of it as desperation. The time has come to be more flexible with diners and more hospitable.”

But she added that a £4.99 bottle “would be a little bit insulting”. She recommends avoiding turning up with anything worth less than £12.

It’s an interesting trend and I actually hope to see the practice become more wide spread. The mark up on wine is quite considerable and in some cases makes fine dining “socially” a little prohibitive… if my friends and I are anything to go by (Min half a bottle per person on most occasions).

As a caterer I hold a liquor license and at Gill Orde In Catering we can provide a super range of wines and much more for any occasion. It’s not all about the booze though – I’ve recently found this excellent virgin mojito recipe courtesy of the excellent “Not without Salt” blog by Ashley E. Rodriguez. Designated drivers rejoice!
Mint, Basil, Cucumber & Lime Fizz


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