South African Comfort Food pt 2

Melk Tert, oh  how I have missed your cinnamon inflected goodness. I was reminded of Melk Tert by a follower on Twitter who joined in the discussion about South African Comfort Food from yesterday. She had her first one in Ficksburg in the Orange Free State and I first sampled the treat in Cathedral Peak in the Drakensbergs of Kwa-Zulu Natal, we both agree that the Melk Tert is a sweet not to be missed out on.

I’ve found a recipe here and it’s worth a shot. From what I can remember the wifey’s would complain about the consistency and firmness of the custard filling so you might want to play around a bit to see how you like the filling to be set.

We provide Melk Tert on one of our set Afternoon tea menu’s so if you want to experienced it cooked by a genuine South African Ouma then get in touch! We often do afternoon teas for Weddings as part of an early reception before the dinner and they seem to lend to relaxed, genteel vibe to the event… regardless of the volume of accompanying champagne!


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