South African Comfort Food

After the disappointment of coming so close yet stumbling at the last, as a Bafana Bafana supporter I’m turning to thoughts of some old favorites from South Africa as a means of comfort. I used to demolish at least a packet a day of Simba Chips when I was in S.A. with the tomato sauce flavour taking top billing. This would be washed down with some Passion fruit squash over tons of ice and then some kind of debate between my Grandfather, Brother and I over the what went wrong in the match. If it was closer to afternoon tea time then the koeksisters (see the image below) and a gallon of sugary tea would be consumed.

Koeksisters are sugary syrup laden doughnutty confections that have a firm then unctuous texture to the bite. I find them most enjoyable when the syrup coated dough has crystalised a little and you get the satisfying variety of textures all good sweets have.  We used to buy them from the farmers market near Fairlands where my Grandfather lived and they were something of a treat. Perfect as a means to obtain a sugar rush after a deflating or poor result in any sports match!

I’m gonna try and make some Babotie this week – it seems appropriate given the current World Cup shenanigans… just need to get the recipe off my Mum – she never does give away the exact quantities for the spices.


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