Orange Juice!!!!!

Rip it up and Start again – Orange Juice

I have a thing for posting food related music up on this blog… a throw back from music blogging and promotion days perhaps??? It has to be said though, that with this little number, an ode to rehashing your recipes in life, that the argument for free style kitchen antics has never been better put. I’m gonna have a glass of OJ now and think about how to meld Udon Noodles, Miso Soup and chicken into a compelling meal… I don’t think I’ll be trying anything too “Fusion”  though.

Incidentally – the oranges I’ll be juicing are unwaxed and from Valencia! VIVA ESPANIA! Good luck to them in the imminent Football  – may they succeed with every “Tapas” of the ball as they “Paella” forward in attack… sorry about the puns.


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