Mango Season in Pakistan.

Mangoes from Pakistan We’re pretty spoiled here in the UK when it comes availability of fruit. We tend to be able to get mangoes through out the year from most of the large chains but if you like to use Asian markets you’ll know that the awesome Pakistani Mangoes are now in season. A staple of many eastern dessert recipes and and a joy to eat on their own, the Sindhri variety  is only available  for a short period of time. The 6 week period which lasts from May through till July is at it’s peak right now. Should you have the chance I highly recommend buying a box. OK, you can worry about food miles (as the fruit is air freighted in) and you can question why you would pay a little more for your mangoes and go out of your way to get them but if you only eat 1 fresh mango this year make sure you give the Sindhri a shot.

The fibreless, perfumed, sweet fruit tastes great eaten on it’s own but when pulped and frozen with yoghurt whether moulded into lollies or left in a tub to be quinelled the magic of the mango becomes clear. So on those hot days ditch those Choc-ices and try a homemade treat instead. All the better if you can obtain your fruit at the peak of the season.

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4 responses to “Mango Season in Pakistan.

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  3. hai i need to start supply your mango in newzealand auckland .please can u contact me by email please

  4. It took almost thirty minutes to discover that my favoruite type of mango is called a “Sindhri Mango”!!!!

    THANK-YOU for sharing that info!! I could not find it anywhere else on the internet!!!

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