The Earl of Sandwiches

Having come across the monstrosity that is the Lasagne Sandwich or Lasangwich as it may well be called in certain parts of the country. I was heartened to find the Zenith of Great British Sandwiches to the lasangwiches nadir. Let us view it in all it’s glory!

The Shooters Sandwich consists of a hollowed out loaf which is then filled with fried steak and a mushroom haché and topped off with some horseradish and mustard before it is compressed under a chopping board covered in weights to produce a meaty cake of manly goodness. I would slightly change the recipe myself by adding some home pickled beetroot instead of the mushrooms but that is purely my preference when it comes to beef and horseradish combos.

We get pretty busy around October as the shooting season starts and various estates require our catering services for their parties. I can well imagine some of my clients enjoying this come elevenses. Even as part of a cold buffet lunch, with a little tweaking, it could achieve a verisimilitudinous position next to the hallowed game pie. I’m also drawn to thoughts of the delirious pleasure I garner from Bunny Chow.

A similarly expedient means by which to transport unctuous meat and spicy sauce the Bunny Chow is a favorite of mine from my family home of South Africa. The fondest Bunny Chow being the one I munched whilst walking down the main drag of St Lucia in Northern Kwazulu Natal whilst on a road trip down the coast to Cape Town. I can see this dish getting a little make over for the autumn as well!


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